Kayak Jacó Tour

Available: Daily

Not all Kayak tours are the same, you can be sure of this. With thebestequipment, which includes our own range of lightweight bamboo paddles, professional and bilingual guides and more than 15 years of kayak experience in Costa Rica, we will take you on a well organized adventure, where the spectacular landscape of the course is so stimulating as the exotic destination where we go.

The brilliant waters, the exuberant flora, the magnificent views and the wild fauna await you in this exciting and fun tour. When the weather conditions permit it, it is possible to enjoy snorkeling on the beach. Certain activities such as: walking on the beach and observing monkeys or birds, can be enjoyed during the tour.

No experience is needed! This tour is open to beginner adventurers.

Includes: Transportation, guided tour,  equipment, fruits, bottle of water, snorkeling if the climate allow it.
Rate per person: $88.00 usd
Minimum of: 2 people
Hours: 08:00 & 13:30 Hrs
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Pick up: 30 minutes before the tour

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